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What is HAM-LOG?

HAM-LOG for Windows is a versatile program for logging QSOs and more.
HAM-LOG can be configured to nearly all requirements.
Wishes and requests are always welcome by the author Arthur, DJ6LS. Just these requests have made HAM-LOG to a program which offers all the functions a program must have today.

Some of the important functions:

  • Enter QSOs, normal and Fast Input
  • More than 50 colored maps to show QTHs/IOTAs
  • Enter additional remarks per Callsign
  • Postpone QSOs in a pile up
  • Convert locator to longitude/latidue and vice versa
  • Search for all fields within the logfile
  • Define and print QSL cards and labels
  • Define forms and print the logfile
  • Display the DXCC, WAZ, ITU, country, distance and direction
  • Evaluate Awards (DLD, DXCC, IOTA, WAC, WAE, WAS, WAZ)
  • Summary reports and graphical charts
  • Display/print a Locator square graphic
  • DIG-QSO-Party-, Fieldday-, UHF- and WPX Contest + Evaluation
  • C.A.T. Interface to ICOM, KENWOOD and YAESU
  • C.A.T. via TrxManager (F6DEX) or HamRadioDeluxe (HB9DRV)
  • Save multiple configurations
  • Packet Radio Monitor / DX-Spots also from Internet
  • Connection to the QSL Manager database of DF6EX
  • Connection to the Radio Amateur CallBook CD, Buckmaster CD or Internet
  • Rotor Control for ARSWIN (EA4TX), SARtek , WinRotor , BigBoy/ProSisTel
  • Get QSO data from Mixw
  • Logbook of The World (LoTW) functions
  • Interface to QSXer by W6HN