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DOS Version

HAM-LOG 7.12c für DOS

You may download the free DOS Version of HAM-LOG. This version will not be maintained anymore and possible failures will not be fixed.

Supported Operating systems:
IBM DOS or MS DOS Version 5.0 or higher
MS Windows 3.x , Windows 95/98/ME/XP or WinNT 4 (DOS Box)
IBM OS/2 Warp version 3.0 or higher (with DOS-Box)

1. Download the file into a temporary directory, e.g. C:\TEMP
2. Un-zip the file.

3. Now in our example: change to C:\TEMP and run INSTALL. 

    Enter all required information.
4. When the installation is finished change to e.g. C:\HAMLOG and

    enter "LOG".

Have success and fun with HAM-LOG.


(6 MB)